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Herman Cain Announces Campaign for President in 2012 and Thus Completes Vulcan Quadrilogy to Restore "Live Long & Prosper."·

By Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com , PoliticalXray.Com . 
May 21, 2011--

            Today, Herman Cain, the former Godfather of Godfather's Pizza, formally announces his campaign for President in 2012 .  In so doing, he completes the Vulcan Quadrilogy with the goal of restoring an updated version of "Live Long & Prosper."

            Despite Herman Cain being 65 years old, he stands poised to capture the imagination and support of voters under 40 who were key to Barack Obama's election in 2008.  How so?  Increasing percentages of those voters, many of whom were attracted to voting for Obama by the historic nature of the election of the first black President, have now become disenchanted with Obama -- not with Obama as a person but with his statist, government-knows-best philosophy, which runs counter to the growing libertarian views of so many younger voters.    

            Many of those voters had mistakenly viewed Obama as a political version of the popular science-fiction "Vulcan" character in Star Trek Voyager, "Lt. Commander Tuvok."   Aspiring to be as "logical" as Star Trek has always depicted the Vulcans as being, beginning with Spock in the original Star Trek and further represented by Tuvok in Voyager, increasing numbers of such young voters are recognizing the "illogic" in a statist, government-knows best philosophy.   They recognize that Obama's political philosophy had "warped" the original Vulcan goal of allowing individuals to "prosper" by supplanting the slogan "Live Long & Prosper" with "Levy Lots & Redistribute."  Likewise, they recognize Herman Cain's support of lower taxation generally and the Fair Tax in particular restores the libertarian soundness of the original Vulcan slogan with Cain's modernized version being "Levy Less & Prosper."   

            Cain, unlike Obama, has run a business, met payroll and endured the frustration experienced by entrepreneurs seeking establish and expand businesses in a free market comprising the most efficient way for raising everyone's living standards.  It's a principle recognized by John F. Kennedy in advocating reducing taxes to enable private economic activity to increase and thereby improve everyone's condition.  JFK popularized this concept with the statement that "a rising tide lifts all boats."  This is the essence of Cain's free-market philosophy.

            No only is Cain gaining popularity among voters under 40, but he's already won great admiration and support among the older voters who predominate in the "tea-party" movement.  Indeed, Cain's candidacy represents an effective way for luring more young voters as well as many more minority voters into the philosophical camp of the tea-party movement. 

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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