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Herman Cain's Right-of-Return Stumble on Fox News Sunday Shows Him Better Qualified for Secretary of Treasury or Commerce than President.·

By Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com , PoliticalXray.Com . 
May 23, 2011--

            Being an admirer of Herman Cain, I had looked forward to watching Chris Wallace interview him on Fox News Sunday this morning (May 22, 2011).  Cain was quite good on economic issues.   But he stumbled badly on an important foreign-policy issue-- the "right of return" issue between Palestinians and Israelis.

The interview went well until Chris Wallace sensibly sought to explore the full range of his views on Israeli-Palestinian relations, in the course of which he asked Cain's views on "the right of return."  I was stunned when Cain's response ("Right of return?  Right of return?") made it obvious he was not familiar with the term.  

            His response that it would be "up to Israel" just made it more obvious that he didn't know that Israel believes (correctly) that a "right of return" would result in the demographic destruction of Israel, which, in a way unique among nations, in that its founding and design were intended to establish a permanent home to a people whose extermination has been sought with the home designed so that no one could control it with such exterminatory purpose ever in the future.   How can Israel be expected to ignore the fact that the Palestinians' and Arabs'  education of their children continues to preach that the Jews are evil and should be killed (exterminated).  So, what's hard to understand about Israel's refusal to agree to a "right of return"?  

            Have there been equally stunning gaps in Obama's knowledge?  How about referring to Corpsmen as "corpsemen" (see video below) for starters-- almost unforgivable for one serving as Commander in Chief.  There are numerous others, but that's just the first one that comes to my mind.  

            I had expected better from Herman Cain.  I also wasn't thrilled by his response to Chris Wallace's question during the South Carolina debate asking Cain to describe what he believed to be a proper mission in Afghanistan:  Cain's reply, which I paraphrase, was "I'll study the issues and then let you know."   

            Perhaps Cain should stick to the areas of his greatest strengths-- economics.  Hope for a position as Secretary of the Treasury or Secretary of Commerce?  .  Cain's attempt at damage control is also not likely to be successful because it lacks an essential element otherwise characteristic of Cain:  Candor.  Here's the link to the Cain campaign's damage-control effort, which fails to candidly admit he was ignorant of the "right of return" issues.   

            If Cain expects to be taken seriously (and I had hoped he would be taken seriously), he needs to assemble a team of advisors to confront him with all issues on which he needs to be fully knowledgeable.  The traditionally dominant media (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, NYT, WaPo, LaT, AJ&C, MSNBC, CNN, etc) consistently gaffes by Obama, and they will continue to do so throughout the campaign from now until 2012, but they will seek to magnify every such gaffe by every opponent of Obama.  

            It's just the way the world is. 

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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