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March 18, 2015 (APE)

by Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com a.k.a. PoliticalXray.Com

Is Congress Powerless to Prevent Obama from Implementing his Secret Plan for an "Executive Agreement" with Iran to Become "International Law" by Having It Adopted by the UN Security Council Despite Congressional Actions Against His Doing So?  

As the Statue of Liberty wades up the East River towards the United Nations Headquarters to serve on UN Ambassador Susan Rice Official Notice of the Senate and House Override of Obama's Veto of Legislation barring Obama from supporting any UN Resolution attempting to legitimize Iran's nuclear program, President Obama says to the pilot of Marine One (flying Obama to the United Nations Headquarters): "Hurry, pilot, I've got to land in time to vote for Putin's Security Council resolution to adopt my secret deal with Iran as International Law before Lady Liberty serves me with notice of the override of my veto of legislation barring me from supporting Putin's resolution."


               Can Lady Liberty wade up the East River fast enough to serve a "Cease and Desist" veto-override to prevent UN legitimization of Iran's nuclear program?  Can the forces of Liberty act in time to stop the Obama-Putin-Jinping Axis from legitimizing Iran's Nuclear Program?

               Why, you ask, would Putin and Jinping want to legitimize Iran's nuclear program?  Why did they not object to North Korea's nuclear program?  First, regarding North Korea-- there can be no realistic doubt that North Korea has been, and continues to be, a puppet of China.  It's a "bad boy" that China can manipulate to wage brinksmanship by proxy against the West in general and the United States in particular.  Similarly, but not in exactly the same way, Iran (and Syria) are client-states of Russia's Putin, which Putin desires to use to wage brinksmanship by proxy against not only the West in general and the United States in particular but also all middle-east states able to produce and export oil in sufficient quantities to affect the price of Russian oil exports.  So, it's in Russia's interests that its client-state, Iran, acquire nuclear-legitimization to increase its hegemonic influence and brinksmanship power against other oil-producing states in the Middle East to minimize, if not negate, their ability to adversely affect the price Russia can command for its oil.  Just as in the 1930's Stalin and Hitler made alliances with each other because each believed he could outwit the other and not because either one trusted the other.  Putin thinks he can manipulate Iran and the Iranian mullahs are confident they can and will outwit Putin whenever their interests diverge from his. 

               But the scariest aspect of the possible consequences of these two brinksmanship-by-proxy relationships arises from an aspect of nuclear physics known as "EMP," which stands for "ElectroMagnetic Pulse."   The potentially devastating effects of "EMP" became far better understood by physicists and nuclear-armed states in recent decades than way back in the heyday of the Cold War.  Regarding such effects, see information and links at 

How prescient was PoliticalXray's "Peace by 2016" video during the 2012 Presidential Campaign:

Peace by 2016

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