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Identity of "Seven of Nine-Twelve" Leader of Anti-OBORG EIT Rebellion Eludes News Media and Obama as 9-11 Nears.

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
August 30, 2009-- (Update:  To Order Seven of Nine-Twelve Posters for tea parties, town halls, 9-12 project events, etc.:  go here.)

          As first reported yesterday (August 29, 2009), the identify of "Seven of Nine-Twelve" as the leader of the EIT Rebellion Against the OBORG ("EIT" standing for "Enhanced Information Techniques") still eludes the news media and the Obama Administration as we approach the eight-year anniversary of the attacks on 9-11.  Today their efforts are intensifying.  

            In yesterday's report, PoliSat.Com's Washington Bureau Drawer Chief cited a highly-reliable source insisting on remaining anonymous (for now) in revealing plans for Seven of Nine-Twelve's identity to be revealed on September 12, 2009 and in publishing an image exclusively obtained by PoliSat.Com showing Seven of Nine-Twelve in her uniform but also wearing a mask to protect her identity between now and September 12, 2009.  

            According to the same source (who is Seven of Nine-Twelve's spokesman), the uniform depicted in the image released is but one of a number of different uniforms Seven of Nine-Twelve may wear.  This one displays a chest-logo of "7 of 9-12" inside a triangle.  The symbolism of such logo is that the three points of the triangle represent the three points of attack on September 11, 2001:  The World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon, and what would have been the target of Flight 93, which crashed in Shanksville (in  Pennsylvania) without ever reaching its intended target (which most investigators believe to have been either the White House or the halls of Congress).

            Seven of Nine-Twelve's spokesman explained that the purpose of the EIT Rebellion Against the OBORG is to use the non-violent power of information to combat the OBORG's ongoing attempt to "assimilate" Americans into the OBORG Collective-- thus, the term "Enhanced Information Techniques" (not to be confused with "enhanced interrogation techniques") aptly describes both the strategy and the tactics to be employed by the EIT Rebellion Against the OBORG.  Asked whether this concept is similar to "the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment," the spokesman said, "In a way, 'yes,' but don't forget, there's more than one way to skin a bodysuit."   

            Asked to explain this non-sequitur response, the spokesman elaborated:  "Of course Seven of Nine-Twelve expects to use entertainment as an attention-getting platform for also conveying accurate information about serious, vitally-important issues about the extent to which the OBORG has begun, and seeks to continue, assimilation of Americans and how Americans may choose to express their individualism as the most effective way for not only preventing further assimilation but also reversing the assimilation that has already taken place.  And, in the course of such campaign, Seven of Nine-Twelve may appear in a variety of uniforms or attire, each of which may be particularly 'suited' to accomplishing her mission."  

 Support-Troops T-Shirt for 9-12-2009  

            This prompted PoliSat.Com's Washington Bureau Drawer Chief to ask:  "In light of the fact that it's virtually undisputed that many 'fans' of the Star Trek Voyager 'Seven of Nine' character wished she would have appeared in a much skimpier uniform (and many may have wished for none at all), does your earlier statement about 'more than one way to skin a bodysuit' mean that Seven of Nine-Twelve might appear in a much skimpier uniform or even none at all?"  In response, the spokesman said, "Well, that would depend on the context.  For example, the subject and content of a particular vignette in the series might require a 'skimpy' uniform.  Or, a vignette focusing on the doctor-patient relationship might require none at all in combination with clever videography to avoid crossing the boundary of good taste, as was the case in at least one broadcast episode of Star Trek Voyager about interactions between the 'Seven of Nine' character and the holographic doctor, whose programming had become corrupted, which made him self-aggrandizing, arrogant, elitist, egomaniacal and oppressive in his doctor-patient 'relationship' with 'Seven of Nine' -- sort of like the OBORG Collective plans for Health Care a.k.a. ObamaCare a.k.a. KennedyCare a.k.a. ChappaquiddiCare."

            On a related subject of attire, a wide variety of attire with suitable messages is what's needed for 9-12-09.  That's an element of the tea parties and town halls in which a wide array of grass-roots opponents of collectivism have been regularly attending on their own.  Notwithstanding Nancy Pelosi's patently ridiculous characterization of such people as "AstroTurf" and her equally patently ridiculous effort to convince the public that the ACORN and SEIU thugs-for-hire who show up at such events to harass the opponents of collectivism in general and ObamaCare in particular at such events are the real "grass roots" people, it seems that large segments of the public have caught-on to the real, mob-for-hire nature of those Pelosi describes as "grass roots." Therefore, real feminists (i.e., conservative/libertarian/pro-defense feminists) desiring to send a patriotic message on (and/or after) September 12, 2009, may want to consider wearing a "REAL Feminists Fete Freedom's Forces Fighting Fanaticism" T-shirt to one of the 9-12 rallies.  See image and link above-right.  Also, others attending such 9-12 events may want to take with them and display a poster of "Seven of Nine-Twelve" still wearing her mask.

Jim Wrenn, Editor at WrennCom.Com.

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