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Trump-Rubio Debate re Exporting Jobs .

(Click image above to view animation.)

Trump-Rubio Debate re Exporting Jobs:

Trump says:  "If I was President, Ford would have cancelled its plans for a plant in Mexico after I threatened to slap a YUGE tariff on Fords made in Mexico and bought by Americans."

Rubio responds:  "So, when I become President, I'm sure you'll want me to slap a $75 tariff on each Trump Necktie made in China and sold in America."

Smaller version of "Trump-Rubio Debate re Exporting Jobs" animation:

(Click image above to view animation.)

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#Trumperick 0002 (see image above) (Twitter@PoliticalXray): 

With eyes that are typically shifty, 
Says Trump, "It should not be a myst'ry 
To anyone who 
Perceives what I do: 
Self-serving rewriting of histr'y."



#Trumperick 0001 (see image above) (Twitter@PoliticalXray):   

The sellers of what folks ain't buying
Trump beats 'cause instead he ain't vying
To sell what he's got--
He sells what he's not
By selling whatever they're buying.


--Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliticalXray


February 23, 2016 (APE) by Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com a.k.a. PoliticalXray.Com 

Donald Trump spews Code-Pink's "Bush-Lied/People-Died" anti-American propaganda against Bush 43 for toppling Saddam.

 Trump Parrots Code-Pink Propaganda

Back to the Future Knowing What We Know Now



Trumpettes Sing 2016 Hit 'I Will Follow HIM' as Donald Trump Parrots Code Pink and Michael Moore Propaganda 'Bush Lied, People Died.' --:

Trumpettes Sing I Will Follow Him 


          Attention followers of Donald Trump: Hear the Trumpettes Sing the 2016 Hit song "I Will Follow Him."   Trump Will Make America Great Again becomes TrumPink Will Make America Code-Pinkish by parroting the far-left propagandists Code Pink and Michael Moore in saying "Bush Lied, People Died" in defaming Bush 43 for toppling Saddam Hussein and thereby preventing our now being confronted with Saddam still in power in Iraq but with a dirty nuke, Ghadaffi (may his spellings be many) still in power in Libya but with real nukes (instead of Ghadaffi having surrendered his nuke program to the US in response to Bush 43 toppling Saddam), and Iran probably already having nukes as a result of not having suspended its nuclear program from 2003-2007 in response to Bush 43 toppling Saddam .  

          Don't believe it?   Scroll down and watch another video titled, "Back to the Future Knowing What We Know Now."  





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"The PRICE of what's FREE is FREEDOM"

 Back to the Future Knowing What We Know Now

. Bernie-Hillary Hot-Mic Moment .

Hillary's Three Reasons for Running in 2016


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Bumper Sticker:

"The PRICE of what's FREE is FREEDOM"


Moon Landing -- Apollo 11 -- 1969  


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