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Shakedown Socialism-- A Entertainingly Informative Book that can Help Save America-- If You Give Copies to Non-Leftist Friends

By Jim Wrenn, Editor. 
September 25, 2010--

            Oleg Atbashian ("Red Square" at ThePeoplesCube.Com) has written a short, easily-read, and fascinating book, Shakedown Socialism, that can help save America from her accelerating slide down the slippery slope of illusory equality leading only to the bottomless pit of Leftism (i.e., socialistic, collectivistic progressivism).  How could this book do that?

               The recent plethora of excellent, new books advocating restoration of limited government disciplined by constitutional guarantees of individual rights of life, liberty and property have, no doubt, strengthened the resolve and confidence of Americans already in liberty's "choir,"   But outside liberty's choir, such books generally have not gained readership-- i.e., among Americans considering themselves "liberal," "moderate," "independent," "non-political" or simply uninterested in politics.   

               How could Shakedown Socialism do what such excellent books have failed to do-- i.e., reach minds outside liberty's choir?  To understand how this book could (and likely would) do so requires understanding why so many excellent books extolling the superiority of liberty over Leftism have failed to do so:  It's because authors of most such books design them to appeal primarily to political junkies in general and to those in liberty's choir in particular.  Thus, such books are unlikely to attract the attention of, and hence unlikely to change, minds outside liberty's choir.  

               Making this challenge much more daunting is the fact that for decades, the Left has successfully peddled Leftism subliminally through entertainment that appeals to minds outside liberty's choir, while our side has limited itself to "preaching" to liberty's "choir."  Thus, it's time for our side to abandon such unilateral disarmament on the battleground of ideas.  

               How could, and would, Shakedown Socialism reach and change minds outside the choir?  There are two essential steps:  the first is for us to take action to make it available to those who would not seek it out (i.e., we must enable the book to seek them since we know they won't seek-out the book); the second, which the book is designed to do on its own, is to interest such people in reading it.

               To motivate people already in liberty's choir to perform step one, it's best to first explain how the book itself accomplishes step two:  Once made available to a person outside liberty's choir, the book is likely to spark interest in perusing it, and such perusal is likely to seduce the peruser into reading it.  Reading it is likely to make the reader more amenable to viewing a system exalting liberty as being superior to one exalting collectivism.

               What are the things about this book that would spark interest in perusing it?  First, it's short (125 pages).  Second, the front cover designed by its author features an intriguing optical illusion conveyed in clever art-work.  Virtually everyone finds optical illusions interesting.  Most people noticing that a book features artwork cleverly creating an optical illusion to convey its theme are likely to at least peruse it to view additional artwork and illusions.  They're also likely to infer that the author is particularly clever and that the ideas and insights of such author would likely be interesting if not fascinating.  Perusal of Shakedown Socialism  would reveal that it contains clever, illustrative artwork about artistic, political and historical illusions.  Virtually anyone who begins reading it in the process of perusing it would quickly realize that it's written in easily-understandable language conveying common-sense insights about human nature, politics and economics rendered authoritative by the manner in which the author weaves into the material his biographical, first-hand experiences first under a system exalting statist collectivism over individual liberty and then under a system created to exalt liberty over statism.  

               This will be especially true of young people whom our education system has failed miserably for the last several decades.  It will help them understand (in a common-sense way) how Leftists use intellectual illusions to do to the minds of non-political people the same thing that optical illusions do to the eyes in order to trick the mind.  The book invokes the readers' own common sense to spark their realization that Leftism's promises of "equality" are intrinsically illusory.  It enables them to understand the Orwellian intent behind the Left's spouting of noble concepts such as "equality," "justice," "fairness," "economic justice," etc.

               By enabling readers to understand that leftism is the intellectual equivalent of optical illusions and to learn from Oleg's first-hand accounts how people being ruled under such a system ultimately come to recognize its oppressive and illusory nature, Shakedown Socialism can, and will, reach (and change) minds outside liberty's choir.  This leads us back to "Step One."  Since we know that people outside liberty's choir are highly unlikely to seek, and purchase, a book on politics such as Shakedown Socialism, few of them will ever learn about it unless we who are in liberty's choir purchase extra copies of the book and give them to our friends and relatives outside the choir.  The book will do the rest, but it's up to us to create the circumstances under which the book can do its job for as many minds as possible.  So, purchase extra copies of Shakedown Socialism and give them to your friends and relatives outside the choir, and do so as soon as possible to maximize the chances of your doing so having the effect of motivating recipients of your gift to vote in favor of liberty and in opposition to collectivist statism on November 2, 2010.

               Oleg has done the hard part by writing, and brilliantly illustrating, a book that engages common sense of the readers outside liberty's choir to enable them to recognize the inherent superiority of a system of liberty over collectivism.  Let's make this the most gifted (i.e., given as a gift) book in recent history.  There's too much at stake not to do so.  Furnish this link to all your friends in liberty's choir and urge them not only to purchase a copy for themselves but to purchase as many as they can to give to their non-leftist friends outside the choir.  

               Finally, I "confess" that Oleg is my personal friend.  I have found him to have a better understanding and appreciation of, and a stronger commitment to, the principles that founded America than do so many Americans.  The idea for this everybody-buy-copies-of-Shakedown-Socialism-for-non-leftist friends is mine, not his.  Nevertheless, even if I were never to have become his friend, I'm confident that reading the book would inspire me to make the same suggestion.  Read it and I think you'll agree.  We need to inspire enough non-lefists to join us on November 2, 2010 to throw out the SCRAP* and clean-up the HORSE CRAP.**

--Jim Wrenn, Editor, WrennCom.Com; Editor, PoliSat.Com; Editor, GUTSPAR.Com   






*SCRAP = Socialistic Collectivism Relabeled As Progressivism

**HORSE CRAP = Hubristic Obamism Ruthlessly, Stealthily Enforcing Collectivism Relabeled As Progressivism

P.S.--Here's one of Oleg's earliest videos:



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