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Editor's Note:  Due to Twitter's & Facebook's practices having become 
waaay too relentlessly Orwellian, I deleted those accounts for 
PoliSat.Com/PoliticalXray.Com on 20210108.  We're in the process 
of replacing YouTube with Rumble and eliminating vestiges of 
Google links, but it's a tedious process that will require more time.

Editor's Note:  We're also transitioning from using http://PoliSat.Com 
to https://PoliticalXray.Com, but it takes time.  So, when you're here 
at http://PoliSat.Com or https://PoliticalXray.Com, don't panic if an 
internal link takes you to a page that is still only in http://PoliSat.Com.  

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OBORG -- The Rebellion is Coming to be led by 7 of 9-12..








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