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March 12, 2015 (OPE)

by Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com; PoliticalXray.Com 

A Titanic Boston University Study Says Hard Science Proves Chivalry is Sexist War on Women Disguised as Benevolent Care for Women.  ·

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               An early-20th-Century progressive feminist who, in surviving the sinking of the Titanic, presciently recognized what Boston University social scientists proved more than a century later in 2015: Gentlemen's "ladies first" chivalry is a manifestation of men's War on Women.
               This progressive feminist survived to endure a lifetime of unbearable "survivors' guilt" as a surviving victim of the "War on Women" cleverly disguised as chivalry by gentlemen on the Titanic preferring to die with honor than to live as cowards if they were to take lifeboat seats ahead of women and children. 

Fortunately for this sexism-victim's life-long trauma of survivor's guilt, her granddaughter grew up to become a 21st Century Feminist selflessly dedicating her life to destroy the evil vestiges of chivalry. 

               Her 21st-Century-Feminist granddaughter, who teaches Modern Feminism at a prestigious Ivy Leage university, says her research identified one of the earliest beneficiaries of the anti-chivalry enlightenment that began in earnest in July, 1969: Mary Jo Kopechne.

               Do you know the difference between what's called the "'War' on 'Women'" and the "War 'on' Women"?  ...  Monica knows.

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