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Progressive Dos and Don'ts Learned at Ferguson Re Michael Brown Expose Darren Wilson as Flying-Ninja Cop.

November 26, 2014 (OPE)

By Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com; PoliticalXray.Com 

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There are quite a lot of progressive "dos" and "don'ts" learned at Ferguson, Missouri, from the killing of Michael Brown (known affectionately to everyone as the "Gentle Giant" Person of Color) by the way-too-white Ferguson cop, Darren Wilson :

If you're a "Gentle Giant" planning to go shoplifting, don't go alone; do take with you a pathological liar as a sidekick to be a witness on your behalf if needed.

If you're a "Gentle Giant" don't pay for merchandise in a store before heading for the door; If the owner protests, and if the owner is not also a "Gentle Giant," do knock him out of the away like a rag doll and then leave.

If you're a "Gentle Giant" don't walk on the sidewalk, which is obviously unsuitable for a "Gentle Giant", so do walk in the middle of the street.

If you're a "Gentle Giant" walking down the middle of the street carrying your stolen merchandise and a police officer who is much smaller than you rolls-down his cruiser's window and asks you to walk on the sidewalk, don't obey such obviously racist request and do tell him to "F--k off."

If you're a "Gentle Giant" and the officer starts to open his cruiser's door to get out, don't let him get out; instead, do slam the door and force the smaller officer back into the cruiser.

If you're a "Gentle Giant" don't walk away from the cruiser but do reach into the cruiser and strike the smaller officer with your fists.

If you're a "Gentle Giant" don't recognize that one of the reasons police carry weapons is to enable an officer to protect himself from being beaten sensless by an attacker who is larger and more powerful; do try to gain control of the officer's weapon.

If you're a "Gentle Giant" don't recognize that your reaching for the officer's weapon will cause him to think you want to use it against him; do continue struggling to seize his weapon until the weapon discharges inside the cruiser.

If you're a "Gentle Giant" don't succumb to a realization that what you just did constituted a felony assault against the police officer; do attempt to leave the scene of the attack.

If you're a "Gentle Giant" don't obey the officer's command that you halt; do turn-around and charge at the officer with your "head down" like a "football player" seeking to "tackle" the officer.

If you're a "Gentle Giant" don't expect the officer to think you're seeking to tackle him to take his gun; do continue charging at him even after he's fired his gun at you.

If you're the "sidekick" of the "Gentle Giant," don't have the common sense to understand that forensic evidence of how the bullets entered the "Gentle Giant's" body would prove the Gentle Giant was charging the officer in a head/down "tackle" positon, but do tell police, the media and everyone else that the officer shot the Gentle Giant while the Gentle Giant was calmly and gently standing erect with his "hands up" while saying to the officer "hands up, don't shoot."

If you're a Progressive member of the media, don't dare doubt the description of the event by the "Gentle Giant's" sidekick, and do report this as simply a case of a racist white officer murdering an unarmed black teenager doing nothing other that looking forward to going to college.

If you're a Progressive, don't worry that Progressive leaders such as Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and President Obama will even consider the possibility that the "Gentle Giant" first attacked the officer without provocation or that the officer shot the "Gentle Giant" in self-defense; Do count on President Obama to equate the "Gentle Giant" with the murdered civil-rights worker Emmet Till.

If you're a Progressive, don't worry that the Media might actually consider the scientific evidence; Do count on the media to continue carrying the propaganda water for the "Gentle Giant's" sidekick, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and President Obama.

If you're a Progressive lawyer, don't give any credence to the scientific evidence of the path of the bullets into the "Gentle Giant's" body as evidence that the "Gentle Giant" was "charging" at the officer to "tackle" him; do argue that if the prosecutor had wanted to present evidence to the grand jury in a "fair" manner, the prosecutor could have presented a hypothesis of guilt of the officer from a scientific expert who could have shown that when the "Gentle Giant" halted and raised his hands to say "Hands up, don't shoot," the officer could have had the Ninja skills to jump thirty feet into the air and (while at the apex of such jump) fire the fatal bullets into the "Gentle Giant" to create the false illusion that the "Gentle Giant" was "charging" the officer "head/down" in a "tackle" position at the time of the shooting.

If you're a Progressive lawyer, don't worry that the Progressive media would mock the "Ninja Officer" theory, and do count on President Obama to reinforce it by saying that the officer "acted Ninja-like."

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