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February 9, 2005 (OPE)  (February 

by Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com; PoliticalXray.Com

President Obama Unveils New National-Security Strategy:  "Strategic Patience" Euphemizing "Strategic Constipation" 

For an update (on the process depicted above) by NBC News Anchorman, Brian Williams, click here or scroll-down to "Brian Williams Update on Obama's Smart-Policy Concept of "Strategic Patience."

Below is an excerpt from intercepted communications among the inner-circle of Progressive Collectivists:

Today's lesson, Comrades, is to add a new term to our ObamaSpeak vocabulary to enable us to remember important relationships between or among various phrases typically not well understood by the masses. 

It requires us to practice the linguistic skill derisively characterized as "euphemizing" by people too poorly educated to understand the power of the process by which skilled euphemizing can transform (or even transmogrify) a ordinary, pedestrian, concept or thing into something quite extraordinary. 

Today's lesson is to learn that "Strategic Patience" is a skillful euphemization of "Strategic Constipation."  The latter wrongly denotes an inability to perform an important task, but properly euphemized, it connotes the ability and wisdom of avoiding expulsion of rigid accumulations of what was needed in the past. 

The news-photograph (from The Peoples Ministry of Intimate PhotoShopping) above shows Obama contemplating and then conceiving euphemization of strategic constipation as strategic patience.   But we need to be mindful that this process can be quite challenging even for a even a skilled practitioner such as President Obama, who, as shown in the picture above, is struggling mightily to transmogrify an excretionary failure into a contemplative success.

With respect to rekated national-security news regarding the response by Jordan's King Abdullah's response to ISIS burning alive the Jordanian Fighter Pilot, Muath Al Kasasbeh, ISIS, ISIL and Other IslamoFascists ASK Allah, "WHY did you make Abdullah, II the King of Jordan?" But THANK Allah that Bush 43 is the FORMER President of the United States.

But, say Progressives, "Never fear -- Obama Carries a Big Stick" ... 

... and he knows how to use it:

And, in response to such Progressives' assertions, Iran's former president, Ahmadinejad, says "DITTO":


Everybody Needs A Mahdi from PoliticalXray  on Vimeo.


But then, Progressives and the traditionally dominant media (ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, NPR, NYT, WaPo, LaT etc. ad naseum) scream (in unison):  But if Bush 43 hadn't invaded Iraq, "there would be no 'ISIS."   But reality screams back, "Not if Obama had more than half-heartedly sought a SOFA in Iraq rather than declaring victory and leaving entirely in 2011," and then another aspect of reality joins the chorus:  "If Bush had not toppled Saddam, Gadaffi would now have nukes and would still be ruling Libya and exporting terrorism with impugnity -- See last portion of the video immediately below:

Thank You Bush 43  


PoliticalXray a.k.a. PoliSat.Com on Vimeo.


Strategic-Patience Update by NBC News' Brian Williams:



Permanent link:

Strategic Patience Euphemizing Strategic Constipation.




February 18, 2015 (OPE)

Here's an ObamaCare Medical Device Update on President Obama's "Strategic Patience"™ Foreign Policy to avoid those uncomfortable feelings of "urgency."  ·

Using the ObamaCare Medical Device Wheeled Chair designed for persons suffering from insufficient fiber but needing to be "on the go," Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey maneuvers President Obama in the wheeled-chair dubbed "ChairForce One" to enable him to be "on the go" while following the prescriptive advice by Dr. Susan Rice for President Obama to use Strategic Patience™ to avoid the kinds of "urgent" movements typically induced by ungentle effects of Extreme Agents. 



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