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March 24, 2017 (OPE on March 23, 2017)

Boynton Area High School in Philadelphia PA Hires Lorena Bobbitt to Protect Girls Dressing or Undressing or Showering in Boys Locker Room from Boys' Gender-Discriminatory Refusals to Suppress Involuntary Reflexes.

          The Neanderthals are at it again: A teenage boy (Joel Doe) in the Boynton Area School District in Philadelphia Pennsylvania has filed a suit for protection against Lorena Bobbitt progressively patrolling the boys locker room to protect girls choosing to use the boys locker room for dressing, undressing and showering. 

          The Neanderthal boy (named in the suit as "Joel Doe") had asked the principal what he should do about a girl undressing in the boys locker room. The principal told him to be as "natural" about it as possible. Joel Doe responded, "Wow! I can't wait until the next time! I had thought you would insist that boys must react unnaturally as if they are not really boys, and since I had been unable to react unnaturally, I had quickly dressed, left the locker room and came straight to your office because I knew you'd understand my problem. Next time I'll be able to stay and shower and not have to return to my next class all sweaty and smelly but also have a big smile on my face." But the principle replied, "Now that you've threatened to refuse to exercise your 'natural' ability to suppress your involuntary reflex, you're forcing me to hire Lorena Bobbitt to patrol the boys locker to protect girls choosing to dress, undress and shower in the boys locker from Neanderthals like you who still exhibit Neanderthal reflexes incompatible with modern views of gender." 

          Consequently, Joel Doe filed suit for a protective order against Bobbitt.


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And to make matters worse, girls who want to protect Mother Earth while exercising now must go yoga-pantsless:


March 16, 2017  (APE)

Attention Womyn:  Your Yoga Pants Cause Sea Pollution:  

(click image for larger size)

Don't be a Yoga-Pants-Pollution-Denier.  97 % of Yoga Scientists Agree.  

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February 19, 2015 (OPE)

Remember that report that "Republicans" want to ban yoga pants?  ---  Joe Biden remembered, so he took a break from massaging nominees' wives for a trip to the Senate Gym.

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