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February 28, 2015 (APE) (APE) (APE. (Scroll-down for March 1, 2015 Hillary 2016 Campaign-Theme Update)

Hillary Clinton Reveals Three Reasons She Should Be Elected President in 2016.  Here's PoliticalXray.Com's EXCLUSIVE interview with Hillary Clinton in which she succinctly states the three reasons she should be elected President in 2016, but can you guess the three reasons before watching the interview?  Don't cheat.  Scroll-down past the video (or click here) for the clues.



wmv version:

·Hillary's Three Reasons for Running in 2016·

·Global Web Solutions, Inc.·




Monica's response to Hillary: "I wish you'd said that long before 1998."

Al Gore's response to Hillary: "If you had said that in 1996, or maybe even in 1992, or maybe way back in the 1980's, I would have been elected in a landslide in 2000 instead of Dubya."

Bill Clinton's response to Hillary: "Ignore Monica and Gore-- it wouldn't have made any difference at all in 1998, 1996, 1992 or even in the 1980's."

President Obama's response to Hillary: "I figured that out in 2008, so you're a little late to say it now, but I know you wanted to say it in 2008."

Michelle Obama's response to Hillary: "I agree with Gore."

George W. Bush's response to Hillary: "I agree with Bill."

Fauxcohontas' response to Hillary: "You took the words right out of my mouth."

Joe Biden's response to Hillary: "Mine too."

Tipper Gore's response to Hillary: "I agree with Dubya."  


March 1, 2015 Hillary 2016 Campaign-Theme Update:

Just as the Hillary 2016 Campaign was ready to launch the first of its Campaign-Theme Slide-Shows on the Internet scheduled to commence with the "It's Time for a Woman" theme, Hillary abruptly announced that It's Time for a Woman "will no longer be my campaign theme." Sources close to Hillary said she simply had decided it would be more effective to return to the "Republicans Would Wage a War on Women" theme that is so loved by her ardent supporters and the Legacy Media, which still feels indebted to her for having skewed their coverage in 2008 to favor Obama and disfavor Hillary.
But of course our inner-party operatives have unfettered access to the initial draft for the [i]"It's Time for a Woman"[/i], campaign-theme slide-show, which, of course, makes self-evident the reason that forced her to cancel it:  

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