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November 7, 2016:

(pardon my dyslexic error, but you get the idea)

Halt HALT (Halt Hillary Above the Law).



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Halt HALT (Halt Hillary Above the Law).

Petraeus, whose combat adherence
to duty showed brave perseverance,
gave top-secrets to
his biographer, who
still also had top-secret clearance.

Although she had top-secret clearance,
the law required also adherence 
to specialized rules 
like "need-to-know" rules,
which arguably crippled her clearance.

However, Obama's A. G.
insisted Petraeus should be
convicted of crime
for classified lines
he let his biographer see.

An honorable sailor named Kristian
at sea on a submarine mission
took six I-Phone pictures
in submarine strictures
but not for release or transmission.

Because the device used by Kristian
for pics on his submarine mission
was not authorized,
approved or prescribed,
he suffered court-marshal conviction.

(more  re Kristian Saucier)

Despite proof that Hillary knew
the email device she did choose
for things classified
was not authorized,
to charge her, Lynch/Comey refused.

Yet Clinton, Obama and Lynch
expect we should all be convinced
that Bill and Loretta
as chatting jet-setters
talked grandkids not fixes she'd cinched.

But Comey did later concede
the F.B.I. needed to see
the criminal laptop
with Weinerized backups
of secrets she'd sent and received.

But then Comey quickly retreated
to "no prosecution" repeated
re Hillary's backups
on criminal laptops
and said nothing further is needed.

And then on the very same day
some State-released emails displayed
that Hillary made
her no-clearance maid
print emails with secrets displayed.

Despite Lynch and Comey entreatments,
the facts not disputed completely
beyond-doubt establish
the Lynch/Comey axis
gave Hill'ry above-the-law treatment.

To end Lady Justice's maltreatment,
American voters' entreatments
by votes to be cast
can finally, at last
Halt Hill'ry-Above-The-Law Treatment 







 Hillary is Sick & Tired 



October 31, 2016:

Obama-Hillary-Huma-Weiner Plumbing Backup

PoliticalXray of now-publicly-known information makes clear to voters not terminally naive that 33K Huma-Abedin/Hillary-Clinton and Obama-Hillary emails previously hacked by Russians and still in Russian hacking-backup-tank but subsequently Bleach-Bitted by Hillary from Hillary's server are now found in Huma-Weiner backup tank.  Twitter-- Tweet this.  

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 Back to the Future Knowing What We Know Now

. Bernie-Hillary Hot-Mic Moment .

Hillary's Three Reasons for Running in 2016


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"The PRICE of what's FREE is FREEDOM"


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