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GroundHog Day Impeachment-Acquittal-- Recycle-- 02-05-2020-Et. Seq.

February 5, 2020:


Today, February 5, 2020, GroundHog-Day/Impeachment-Day, Adam Schiff, Impeacher-in-Chief for the House asked the Senate Republican Groundhogs whether President Trump would be Removed or Acquitted.

Despite Adam Schiff's demands for the Senate Republican GroundHogs to say, "Removed" in response to Impeachment of President Trump, they instead said, "Acquitted," after which Schiff said to the World: 

"This means that now there will be a stormy series of Impeachments followed by isolated Acquittals followed by a stormy series of Impeachments followed by isolated Acquittals, and so on."

Political-Weather Experts are now conceding that during these cycles, the slack-jawed, knuckle-dragging, Neanderthal-Hillbilly American voters in Fly-Over Country will increase the numbers of Republican GroundHogs in the Senate, reduce the number of Climate-Change GroundHog-Control Enforcers in the Fly-Over districts of the House (and thereby reduce the size of their majority), and re-elect the Honey-Badger President Trump.

BUT, when questioned about such predictions by the Political-Weather Experts, Adam Schiff says:

"As has previously been scientifically proven by the scientific-documentary movie on climate-change titled, "GroundHog Day," by January 20, 2025, the Honey-Badger President Trump will finally have been removed from office and the GroundHog-Day/Impeachment-Day cycle will have ended, and 'We the Impeachers' will have thereby finally saved American from the Honey-Badger President Trump."

However, according to the Bureau Chief at the Neo-Free-Press (i.e., not ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, WaPo, NYT, LaT, etc.), it's possible that the number of Climate-Change GroundHog-Control Enforcers in the House might be reduced to a minority in 2020, in which case there might be a GroundHog-Friendly Majority in the House (starting in 2021) which would prematurely end this cycle.

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