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News Media and Obama Seek Identity of "7 of 9-12" Leader of Rebellion Against OBORG as 9-11 Anniversary Nears.

By Jim Wrenn, 
Editor and Washington Bureau Drawer Chief at PoliSat.Com.
August 29, 2009-- (Update:  To Order Seven of Nine-Twelve Posters for tea parties, town halls, 9-12 project events, etc.:  go here.)

          As the eight-year anniversary of 9-11 approaches, the news media, the blogosphere and Barack Obama are frantically seeking to uncover the identity of a new leader code-named "7 of 9-12" scheduled to emerge in the growing political rebellion against the OBORG.  Not even the much-vaunted "Flag@WhiteHouse.Gov" intelligence-gathering operation has been able to penetrate the upper echelons of leadership of the anti-OBORG rebellion seeking to use "enhanced information techniques" (EIT) to make the hair stand-up on the backs of the necks of politicians from fear of being voted out of office in 2010 if they vote for the OBORG's collectivist agenda.

            Polisat.Com has obtained exclusive photographs accidentally taken by Hubbell showing the OBORG Cube parked in orbit high above Earth, upon which photographs yet-to-be identified operatives of the anti-OBORG political rebellion have superimposed the image of "7 of 9-12" (wearing a mask), whose identity as a new leader of Operation EIT expects to reveal on September 12, 2009 as a part of the predicted gathering of massive numbers of Americans on 9-12 to give voice to the "EIT Rebellion Against the OBORG."

            Except for color-scheme and chest-logo, the sexy, skin-tight uniform of "7 of 9-12" bears a striking resemblance to the uniform worn by "7 of 9" in the Star Trek Voyager series.  Paradoxically, as political junkies know, it was the divorce of the actress, Jerri Ryan, in 2004 that directly led to Barack Obama becoming President and thus being able to position himself to assimilate America into the OBORG Collective.  It was embarrassing things about Ryan's then-husband that forced him to withdraw late in his campaign for election to the Senate for Illinois.  Until such revelations, he was poised to easily win election, but when the revelations forced him to withdraw, the GOP found itself suddenly without a viable candidate very late in the campaign cycle.  Consequently, Barack Obama won easily.  

            Thus, absent Jerri Ryan's divorce (i.e., the divorce of "7 of 9"), Barack Obama would not be President today and there would be no need for an EIT Rebellion against the OBORG.  Therefore, it's quite appropriate for "7 of 9-12" to emerge as a leader of the EIT Rebellion Against the OBORG in a manner echoing "7 of 9's" escape from, and rebellion against, the BORG Collective in Star Trek Voyager.

            Where, when and how will the identity of "7 of 9-12" as leader of the EIT Rebellion Against the OBORG be revealed?  Reliable sources say it will be announced at http://PoliSat.Com/7of9-12.htm between now and September 12, 2009.  An alternate source will be http://PoliSat.Com/OBORG.htm.  Soon, many sites on the right side of the blogosphere will be posting the small-size image-link displayed in this installment to be linked to that url.   Meanwhile, the Obama White House, with the aid of the compliant news media and an army of "community organizers" provided by ACORN, SEIU, and numerous other operatives for the OBORG are frantically trying to discern her identity.  

            Will the ObamaMob out-muscle the EIT Rebellion Against the OBORG?  Will the OBORG assimilate America?  It promises to be a long series for the EIT Rebellion Against the OBORG.

Jim Wrenn, Editor at WrennCom.Com.

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