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August 22, 2016:

Colin Powell Tells Hillary Clinton to Stop Trying to Pin E-Tail re Emails on Him.


Colin Powell says Hillary's "people" are trying to "pin the blame on him "for [her use of a home-server email-system for all of her email as Secretary of State]." 


Says Powell, "White Lies Don't Matter, or at least ordinarily don't matter (because a "white" lie is supposed to be a harmless lie01), but this isn't even a 'white' lie, it's a 'black lie,' which matters more because it's a 'white' lie about a 'black' man, which makes it a 'black' lie about a 'black' man -- no it's even worse -- it's a Clintonian Lie like all those Lies in the "Clinton Liebrary."   Of course, Al Sharpton would say that the term "'white' lie" is a white-privilege example of racial bigotry and would say that "'black' lies are equally harmless," but Shapton awkward conceded that he considers it quite good whenever his financial status is "in the black" rather than in "the red" or just plain "white" (i.e., a blank line on the bottom line).



01 A harmless lie is, for example, falsely telling a person who cooked a fine meal for you as a guest in his home that the meal was "excellent" even though it tasted awful to you," or saying "Of course not" when your spouse asks, "Does this outfit make me look fat?"




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