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May 1, 2015 (OPE)

by Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliSat.Com a.k.a. PoliticalXray.Com 

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Schools USA on Looting of Property in Baltimore 2015 Riots.  ·

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Korrect Kollective Kudos to Ultra-Progressive Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake for schooling America on "property" as a capitalist term for oppressing human rights by exhalting things over people.   Hence, just in time to end the CVS Pharmacy's oppressive claims of property rights in its merchandize and store and its employees' oppressive claims of property rights in the form of compensation for their labor at CVS, Mayor Rawlings-Blake instructed Baltimore Police to "Let 'em riot and loot -- it's just 'property.'"

Rawlings-Blake astutely recognized the riot as a useful teaching experience to refute the outrageous assertion by capitalists that "property" is not a "thing" but rather is a legal manifestation of the human right to own and control the fruits of one's own labor regardless of whether such labor is physical or mental

Progressives already know that all "property" is "owned by everyone," and, therefore, that the fruits of each person's human labor (be it physical or mental labor) belongs to everyone because everyone belongs to The State rather than vice-versa. Indeed, looting is probably the most progressively efficient method for redistributing property to everyone without the need for government employees as the "middle men women humans hus."  But, of course, until we achieve the ideal of universal distribution of the fruits of all hus labor to all hus, continued intervention of government employees will be necessary as will the increase in their numbers and scope of authority to implement such ideal state of hu civilization. (Do no confuse hu with hue, which would, of course, be racist.)

And we know who's spreading blatant distortions of the Progressiveness of Mayor Rawlings-Blake's "teaching moment" regarding the evils of property-- It's that anti-progressive Jim Hoft a.k.a. Gateway pundit seeking to spread Fox News propaganda against Rawlings-Blake:


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