Soon to become operational at 9After12.Com but ONLY if leaders and participants in tea-party and 9-12 movements support it.




9 After 12  
(9 minutes after 12 on a designated "9 After 12" day) 

What  is "9 After 12"?

        It's the concept of 9-12 rallies, town halls and tea parties but on steroids.   It exponentially increases opportunities for tens of millions of citizens to make their voices heard in opposition to collectivism at home and subservience abroad and in favor of liberties guaranteed by our Constitution and guarded by our preeminent strength. 

        Beneficial effects of 9-12 rallies, tea parties and  town halls on Washington politicians "wear off" too soon.  We who attended such rallies don't have the luxury of doing so every time a vital issue is approaching critical mass in Washington.

        Therefore, we need a short-notice system enabling tens of millions of us to show support for preeminent liberty in opposition to collectivist subservience whenever such vital issues approach critical mass.  

How does "9 After 12" work?

        With the help of top bloggers in the preeminent-liberty political spectrum, the website 9After12.Com monitors news on issues vital to preeminent liberty.

        Whenever a particular vote, event or circumstance that could jeopardize or serve  liberty's preeminence, the 9 After 12 website publicizes such information and designates a particular date when citizens desiring to timely make their voices heard in unison with tens of millions of like-minded citizens may do so without having to trek to Washington or elsewhere to attend a rally, town hall or tea party.

        On any such specified date, citizens following such notifications use their lunch break to stand (or gather) on the street (for 10 minutes) starting at 9 Minutes After 12 with hand-made signs (magic marker on 8 x 11 paper) conveying their message to politicians-- e.g., "Vote No on ObamaCare."   


        By also taking digital pictures and sending them to 9 After 12 and to local news media, citizens thus participating can increase public awareness of such 9 After 12 activity.

What qualifies for a 9 After 12 event?

        9 After 12 events must be scheduled judiciously-- otherwise, they will become meaningless and citizens will lose interest in participating.  This is, after all, a republic, not a democracy, so we must be willing to risk our elected officials making foolish decisions that do not joepardize the core principles on which we must not compromise.


        Compromise is essential within the boundaries of fundamental rights and national security guaranteed by our Constitution, but compromise yielding to collectivist subservience at odds with such guarantees is fundamentally wrong.


Liberty Preeminence 
Collectivist Subservience

        The word "Liberty" in "Liberty Preeminence"  stands for the status of individuals under a constitutional system in which the government recognizes that it derives its powers from the consent of the governed with such powers being strictly construed against the government vis-a-vis the individual and  such powers also being explicitly limited by prohibitions against  infringement upon life, liberty, property, individual equality under the law, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to peaceably assemble, the individual right to bear arms, the right to remain silent, the right to counsel, the right to be secure from unreasonable search or seizure, and the security of property from being taken by government except for public use with just compensation.

        The word "Preeminence" in "Liberty Preeminence"  stands for a foreign policy under-girded by  preeminent military power unapologetically supporting liberty and opposing tyranny. 

        The word "Collectivist" in "Collectivist Subservience" stands for ideology (such as socialism, Marxism or communism) viewing government as the source of , and as being empowered to distribute (or re-distribute), rights, powers, property, and liberty  according to what governmental elites deem to be in the collective good.

        The word "Subservience" in "Collective Subservience" stands for not only obeisance of the individual to the state but also to subordination of America's foreign policy to ideologies of collectivist globalism  that are inimical to Liberty Preeminence.





Defense Generally


Health Care

Cap & Trade

Redistribution of Wealth


--nature-worship with utopian zealotry such as the "global-warming" or "climate-change" religion




Right to Bear Arms


Spending & Deficit

Illegal Immigration

Mobocracy-- ACORN, SEIU, ANSWER,  etc.



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