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To Fellow Disdainers of Trump The Man:  Vote FOR Trump the President and For a Republican Senate AND House -- The Stakes are Way Too High to Do Otherwise.

November 2, 2020:

By Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliticalXray.Com a.k.a. PoliSat.Com 

Count me as a person who dislikes Trump the man.  Now, think like a grownup.  

First, make a list of all the things about Trump the Man that you disdain, dislike, detest or even hate:

(1) Obnoxiousness, 

(2) Narcissism 

(3) continue with your own list

Feel better by completing your list?  Probably.  Now, think about the country and the importance of Liberty.

Second consider just a few of Trump's accomplishments:

(1) Honey-badger resistance to the Left (rather than capitulation) 

(2) Energy independence

(3) Dramatic reduction of bureaucratic tyranny.

(4) Rebuilt military

(5) Blocked infringements on Second Amendment

(6) Withdrew from Paris Climate Accord

(7) Categorically rejects Green New Deal

(8) Appointed three outstanding judicial intellects to U.S. Supreme Court

(9) Reduction of taxes on job-creators to incentivize job-creators to return to, and and keep creating jobs in, the U.S.A.

(10) Lowest unemployment rate in many decades

(11) Highest employment rate in many decades.

(12) Stiff, firm resistance to Russian aggression (in contrast to Obama telling Dimitri Medvedev to "tell President Putin I'll have more flexibility after the election"). 

(13) Stiff, firm resistance to Chinese trade-aggression and military expansionism

(14) Gave sufficient Rules of Engagement to enable U.S. Military to expeditiously eliminate the ISIS Caliphate

(15) Killed the ISIS terrorist leader Al Bagdhadi 

(16) Killed Iran's terrorist leader Qasem Soleimani

(17) Retaliated for Syria's use of chemical weapons

(18) Three Middle-East Peace Agreements between Israel and Arab countries

(19) Supports law enforcement while also appealing to vast majority of African-Americans who also support law enforcement (while also, like Senator Tim Scott and also like the vast majority of law-enforcement officers, also supporting application of Rule of Law enforcement standards to law officers who abuse their authority and thereby discredit their law-respecting peers).

(20)  Handled the Wuhan-China Virus (a.k.a., CoronaVirus a.k.a. Covid-19) in a manner vastly superior and more creative than what the hapless Joe Biden would have or could have conceived.  Trump's common-sense approach included travel bans sooner than Biden would have implemented them, streamlining obsolete bureaucracy and enabling fastest-ever pace for  development of a vaccination already created but merely awaiting final bureaucratic approval as safe and effective for release to the general population with emphasis on first vaccinating the most-vulnerable and first-responders and then the general public and stressing the common-sense need to "reopen" the economy rather than keeping restrictions long enough to virtually collapse the economy while awaiting a perfect solution.  Biden claim's he'd listen to the "science," but the hapless Biden wouldn't know science if it bit him on the posterior.

(21) Your list may well be even longer than mine, but mine is more than long-enough.

Now, go vote for Trump the President AND vote for a Republican Senate AND House.  The stakes are way too high to do otherwise.  Then you'll feel much better (for the country).  Why?

You know what the Left (with Schumer and Pelosi in charge and with Kamala Harris as a Caretaker President-in-Waiting for the For Left) will do to (not for) the country.  

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at PoliticalXray.Com









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